Building Abrid

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1. GCC
3. LD linker
4. grub2-common or a package with grub-mkrescue
5. qemu-system-x86
6. A *n*x-running OS
7. NodeJS
8. Git (optional)

Downloading repos


To start, you will need to download Makination, the tool to create the bash script that will build & run Abrid.
You can either download a zip of the project or use Git to clone the repository at .
You are now ready to download Abrid and soon enough, build the and then the entirety of Abrid.


You can download Abrid here in a zip archive or use Git to clone the repository at .



Makination does not need to be built. Just simply move the Makinfile in the Abrid directory to the directory of Makination.js, run chmod +x Makination.js && ./Makination.js Makinfile -o, and then move the resulting into the directory of Abrid.


Using your new shell script, simply run bash to run the buildscript, and then QEMU should pop up, and and ISO should be made. Voila, you now have compiled Abrid on your own!